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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lies about the Author: Putting Professor Berube to the test

By David Horowitz

In his endless and endlessly futile campaign to discredit me, Professor Michael Berube has put up an entire blog post claiming that I deliberately erased the results of our Worst Professors contest to deny him the top spot in the poll. In point of fact I have never once even looked at the poll (I will do so after I complete this) let alone interfered with its results. On learning of the Berube attack I sent an email to our webmaster (Subject: I'm in the dark about this) asking him what happened. Here is his reply:

Sent: Thursday, March 09, 2006 7:05 AM
Subject: RE: I'm in the dark about thisThe response page is still there, and the link is restoration weekend we had a problem where someone used a denial of service attack on the website; this is where someone had written a program to constantly hit the website to slow the servers down. We took the survey down until we implemented a patch to protect the server from this. We also took the result page down because it was distorting the vote.
The question is: Will Berube concede that his claim is false? If he does, it will be the first time when confronted by the evidence that he has acknowledged it.
BTW: Our websites get more than 5,000 attacks a day from Berube's friends who claim to be for free speech.


Anonymous said...

Um, no, folks. All I said was "just as things were getting interesting, the doughty crew of the U.S.S. Horowitz put the kabosh on the whole party, wiping the slate clean yesterday at about 2 pm Pacific." You can actually read that sentence in the very post to which you link! I don't know which FrontPage staffer actually wiped the slate clean, or why. And the "getting interesting" part referred to Noam Chomsky getting 150,000 votes in one day to close in on my lead.

Michael Bérubé

5:25 AM  

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