National and State Legislation Texts


House Concurrent Resolution 318
Introduced by Georgia Congressman Jack Kingston into the U.S. House of Representatives

House Resolution 609
A section of the Higher Education Reauthorization Act inspired by the Academic Bill of Rights


California Senate Bill No. 5

Colorado House Bill, HB 04-1315
Introduced by Rep. Shawn Mitchell

Colorado Joint Resolution
In support of the Memorandum of Understanding

Colorado Memorandum of Understanding
Signed by the presidents of the major universities in Colorado agreeing to incorporate the principles of the Academic Bill of Rights in their institutions.

Florida House Bill 837

Georgia Senate Resolution 661
Introduced by Senators Johnson of the 1st, Hamrick of the 30th, Smith of the 52nd and Balfour of the 9th
Adopted March 22, 2004, 1:50 p.m. - 41 Yeas, 5 Nays, 8 NV, 2 Excused

Indiana House Bill 1531

Kansas House Concurrent Resolution No. 5035

Maine LD 1194

Massachusetts Legislative Bill 1234

Minnesota Senate Bill 1988

New York Assembly Bill #A10098

New York State Senate Bill S. 6336

North Carolina Senate Bill 1139

Ohio Senate Bill 24

Pennsylvania House Resolution 177

South Dakota House Bill No. 1222

Tennessee House Bill 432 and Senate Bill 1117

Washington House Bill 1991

ALEC Model Resolution

ALEC Model Bill