Georgia Tech Ignores Death and Rape Threats to Student Who Challenged Speech Code · 04 April 2007

By Sara Dogan

Dear Students and Supporters,


Georgia Institute of Technology has turned a blind eye to frequent death threats made to one of its students. Ruth Malhotra, a graduate student at Georgia Tech, has repeatedly been threatened with violent acts over the past year since she filed a lawsuit in federal court challenging the University’s unconstitutional speech code.


The death threats are deemed credible by the Georgia Tech police department and have been characterized at being “terroristic” in nature. Among the threats made to Malhotra were firing bullets into her brain, having her strangled and throwing acid in her face. Some fellow students have brazenly sent emails to Ruth using their official Georgia Tech email accounts with statements such as, “I really want to choke you bitch” and “Malhotra will be eradicated, and in a timely matter.” To date, it is not known if Georgia Tech has instigated any disciplinary action against these students. 


Malhotra was one of seven students who shared her experiences with faculty and administrative harassment at Students for Academic Freedom’s recent Academic Freedom Conference, held March 3-4 in Washington, DC.


“The intolerance of those who fanatically preach tolerance would be comical, were it not for the seriousness of their threats,” said Malhotra. “It is ironic that the Georgia Tech administration would enforce unlawful speech policies that silence mere disagreement with a preferred political agenda, but yet remains silent in the face of threats on a student’s safety. This further demonstrates the double-standards on campus, where conservative students are treated as second-class citizens.”


“Sadly, I am not surprised that the Georgia Tech administration has not moved to protect Ruth,” said David Horowitz, chairman of Students for Academic Freedom. “If she were a leftist or had not challenged the Institute’s blatantly unconstitutional policies, the university would have rushed to her aid. However, Ruth is a conservative and Georgia Tech’s administrators view her as a nuisance they would like to be rid of. Because of that, the university is ignoring her safety.” 


On Valentine’s Day, Ruth received the following note in her mail box:


A V-Day wish for our very own Ruth Malhotra:

This Valentine’s Day, you cannot attack gay marriage. It is about love and you are about hate.

This Valentine’s Day, you cannot condemn a woman’s choice. It is about love and you are about hate.

This Valentine’s Day, you cannot protest The Vagina Monologues. It is about love and you are about hate.

No, this Valentine’s Day, you will be raped. Sex is about love and through it you will experience hate. I cannot wait.


“If this note had been sent to any other student or faculty member, the Georgia Tech administration would be tearing up the campus to find who sent it and the Women’s Resource Center would be up in arms holding rape-awareness workshops,” commented Horowitz. “Instead the administration has been deafeningly mute about these attacks and the situation on campus is becoming unbearable for Ruth. If the Georgia Tech administration has any courage at all, they will move to protect her. Ruth is a champion for free speech and for academic freedom and the way the Georgia Tech Administration has treated her is borderline criminal.”


Peter Collier’s full article in Frontpage Magazine about Ruth Malhotra’s crusade to bring academic freedom to Georgia Tech can be read here.


Yours in Freedom,


Sara Dogan

National Campus Director
Students for Academic Freedom