New Initiatives Launched at UNLV, UNC · 18 March 2004

At the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, a Students for Academic Freedom Chapter in conjunction with the College Libertarians produced a comprehensive 10-page report titled "Political Diversity of UNLV Faculty, Spring 2004." The study, authored by SAF President Adriana Jawel and members Amanda Moran, Brandon Robinson and Roger Roots, examines the party registrations of professors in several humanities departments at the school and compares those results with other leading American universities.

The results of this impressive research indicate a startling lack of ideological diversity among faculty at UNLV, where 91% of affiliated professors were registered with the Democratic or Green parties compared to only 9% of professors who were registered Republicans, Libertarians, or Independents.

"This study establishes that the faculty of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV) closely tracks faculties at other American colleges and universities in terms of its lack of political and ideological diversity," concluded the authors. "Students seeking diverse or dissenting political ideas have little chance of finding them represented among UNLV professors."

The complete 10-page study can be found here.

At UNC-Chapel Hill, yet another controversy over ideological diversity has arisen and students on the campus have taken prompt action to challenge the administration to respond.

Carolina Students for Life, the student pro-life organization, has repeatedly been denied a platform for addressing their views by the Carolina Women's Center on campus. During the organization of Woman's Week 2004, an event sponsored by the Women's Center, the pro-life organization secured two prominent speakers in response to the Women's Center's call for applications. Several months later, the Women's Center informed the pro-life organization that they would not accept proposals for speakers from outside organizations only to later announce that a wide variety of other campus organizations were invited to co-sponsor the event.

Additionally, the pro-life organization has long requested that a link to their website be placed on the Women's Center website, but they have been denied that privilege which is enjoyed by Choice USA, the campus pro-choice organization.

Unwilling to let this pervasive ideological discrimination continue, Carolina Students for Life President Stephanie Evans drafted an excellent letter outlining the numerous instances of viewpoint censorship on the part of the Women's Center which she sent to the Center's directors and carbon copied to UNC Chancellor James Moeser and other interested parties.

Students for Academic Freedom extends its gratitude to these students for the excellent work they have done to promote academic freedom on their respective campuses and for pressuring their administrations to confront the lack of intellectual diversity and academic freedom. If your SAF chapter has undertaken a similar study or has picked a particular issue to publicize on campus, make sure to send me an email at and we can help you publicize your findings. If you're not sure where to start compiling such documentation, don't hesitate to give me a call at 202-969-2467 and we can help you to craft a plan of action.

Best Regards,
Sara Dogan
National Campus Director
Students for Academic Freedom