Partisanship in the Classroom · 23 September 2003

Our chapters are rapidly growing and now stand at 86. Many are already challenging the abuses on their campuses. Keep an eye on our website for first-hand accounts of how students are addressing the lack of intellectual diversity in many aspects of academic life.

For those who sent me stories of partisanship in the classroom, thank you for your efforts. With your permission, we will be posting some of these stories on our website in the near future, while keeping your identities anonymous to prevent reprisals. These anecdotes are not merely stories to shake a fist at. They are evidence that colleges and universities routinely exclude important views from the curriculum and confuse education with indoctrination. Reports of these abuses will be crucial to persuading administrators at your schools and legislators in your states that an Academic Bill of Rights is necessary to promote intellectual diversity on campus and to restore integrity to the academic process.

If you have a professor who routinely refers to President Bush as a "moron" or a sociology class where all the texts are written from one side of the political spectrum, please let us know about it. Such partisanship violates well-established principles of academic freedom. By publicizing and protesting these abuses, we can advance the cause of education reform.

Researching these abuses doesn't have to take long. It can be as simple as asking your fellow students about their experiences with political bias in the classroom and whether they feel that their professors make an effort to discuss multiple perspectives on the subject matter at hand. Document these stories, and then, once a month or so, email us the most outrageous examples.

Thanks for your involvement in Students for Academic Freedom. For more information or to start a campus chapter, please contact me at 202-969-2467 or at
Best Regards,
Sara Russo