Brown Students Pass Academic Freedom Resolution · 30 April 2004

The resolution was introduced by student Stephen Beale on behalf of numerous campus organizations including Students for Academic Freedom, the Brown Spectator, Students for Liberty, the College Republicans, and Young Americans for Freedom. This historic bill caps an extremely productive year for Brown's SAF chapter which has also held multiple meetings with top campus administrators and received a commitment for Director of Diversity Brenda Allen to include the promotion of intellectual diversity in the official mission statement of her office.

"The obstruction of invited campus speakers, destruction of campus literature, or any other effort to inhibit the civil exchange of ideas should not be tolerated. Protests should otherwise be permitted," read one of the bill's provisions to ensure that dialogue on the campus would not be limited.

"I am elated about this," commented Beale. "When I was a freshman the UCS passed a resolution condoning the theft of the campus newspapers. This represents a significant shift away from that attitude and is a major victory not only for students at Brown but also for Students for Academic Freedom nationwide."

We also have promising news to report from Georgia Tech, where student Ruth Malhotra reports that her complaint about partisan discrimination in her Public Policy class is being taken seriously by the administration. She met recently with the University Vice-Provost who referred her case to the Office of Human Resources where it will be treated as a discrimination case.

Ruth believes that the University's helpful attitude is partly due to pressure from the office of Georgia Governor Sonny Purdue whose top education advisor met with her and David Horowitz during his recent visit to Atlanta. Students for Academic Freedom extends its thanks to the Governor's office for helping to ensure that policies promoting academic freedom are adopted at Georgia's universities. We also extend our appreciation to Ruth for the great effort and dedication with which she has pursued her complaint against Georgia Tech and for the steps she is taking to encourage the university to adopt a grievance policy that specifically provides remedies for students who face partisan discrimination in the classroom.

As the end of the term rapidly approaches, it is crucial for those SAF leaders who are graduating this spring to name their replacements for the upcoming school year. We have achieved a remarkable degree of success in our first nine months of operations, but in order to build upon these achievements it is necessary to ensure the continuity of the academic freedom movement on each campus.

Please send me an email at or give me a call at 202-969-2467 to let me know who the SAF contact on your campus will be next semester. If your phone number or email address will change over the summer, please also send me an email so that we have your most current information.

Yours in Freedom,

Sara Dogan
National Campus Director
Students for Academic Freedom