Expulsion Reversed at San Francisco State U. · 01 April 2004

A Russian immigrant who wrote frequently for Frontpage Magazine, Tatiana Meneker was expelled from San Francisco State University for five years on February 23rd after pro-Israel comments she made to a professor were considered "death threats" by an administrator. She was not granted a hearing in her own defense, but instead was immediately escorted off campus by three uniformed campus police officers.

Upon learning of the case, Students for Academic Freedom together with Frontpage Magazine organized a Tatiana Menaker Defense Committee. The local Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) in the San Francisco Bay Area also came to her aid. Tatiana received thousands of e-mails and letters from supporters, who also wrote to SFSU President Robert Corrigan demanding her immediate reinstatement.

In response to our campaign, SFSU informed Tatiana on March 24th that she may continue her studies and attendance at the University without any further interruption. The settlement included a two weeks suspension from school, but the university considers this time to already have been served while her case was being negotiated. SAF views this "punishment" as an attempt by the University to save face, since the settlement essentially drops all charges against her.

Students for Academic Freedom congratulates Tatiana on her resolve throughout this nearly month-long battle with San Francisco State and looks forward to receiving her updates on the state of intellectual and ideological diversity on campus. You can read the full story about the resolution of Tatiana's case here .

In other news this week, the Princeton University chapter of Students for Academic Freedom headed by junior Evan Baehr received front-page billing in the campus paper, The Daily Princetonian. Baehr discusses his plans for the coming semester, noting that he plans to publish a report on academic freedom at Princeton focusing on the goals of the SAF chapter, a plan for action, and a survey of students' experiences in the classroom.

David Horowitz has been speaking this week at Brandeis, Bentley and Tufts in the Boston area. He met with the President of Brandeis and the head of the diversity programs at Bentley with whom he discussed incorporating "intellectual diversity" into their diversity programs, as has already been done at Brown and Brooklyn College. We will keep you posted on how these discussions proceed and encourage you all to propose this at your own colleges.

As the semester begins to wind to a close, many among our ranks of SAF leaders and organizers are preparing to graduate. If you are the leader of an SAF chapter and a graduating senior, or if you will not be on campus next semester for some other reason, please take some time to consider who should succeed you in this role.

Please forward me the contact information for the next SAF president (phone number, email and mailing address) and I will be happy to get in touch with them. If your current email address and other contact info is going to expire, please send me updated information so that I can keep you on our mailing lists.

Your advice and experience as an alum will be of great value to current and future students at your college, and so I hope that you will continue to serve as a resource for the SAF chapter at your school even after you graduate. For those who are continuing their education at graduate school, please consider creating an SAF chapter at your new university. As always, you can reach me at sara@studentsforacademicfreedom.org or at 202-969-2467.

Best Regards,
Sara Dogan
National Campus Director
Students for Academic Freedom