Response from Georgia Tech Provost McMath, 07/29/04 · 29 July 2004

July 29, 2004

Sara Dogan
National Campus Director
Students for Academic Freedom
1015 Fifteenth Street, NW Suite 900
Washington, DC 20005

Dear Ms. Dogan,

In response to your letter of July 19 let me say that I am pleased by your assessment of the statements in Georgia Tech's Statues to which I referred you. We agree that they support diversity of opinion and freedom of expression within our campus community. This is particularly important in that the Statutes are the Institute's governing documents. You disagree with my affirmation that our Statement on Human Relations is similar to your sample statement on diversity. (Note that I said "similar" not "identical") The right to disagree intellectually, and the ability to do so in a civil fashion, goes to the heart of the principles of academic life that I believe we share.

We at Georgia Tech are always interested in improving the ways we operate. In that spirit I am forwarding your letter and statement to the faculty co-chair of our Diversity Forum, a student-faculty group charged with promoting diversity on our campus, from which our Statement on Human Relations was issued several years ago.


Robert C McMath, Jr.
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies and
Academic Affairs

cc: President G. Wayne Clough, Newt Gingrich, U.S. Senator Zell Miller, Ben Scaffity, Education Advisor to Governor Perdue, U.S. Representative Jack Kingston, U.S. Representative John Lewis, State Senator Eric Johnson, State Senator Bill Hamrick, State Senator B. Joseph Brush, State Senator Vincent D. Fort, State Representative Louise McBee, State Representative Mable Thomas, State Representative LaNett Stanley-Turner, Dean Stephanie Ray, Ruth Malhotra (Georgia Tech Student)