Fighting Back Against the Campus Left's Blacklist · 08 September 2003


WASHINGTON - The reign of left-wing intellectual terror that dominates America's academic institutions may soon be losing its tight grip on the campus from coast to coast.
Expect an Academic Bill of Rights to surface in state legislatures around the country to require that taxpayer-funded universities strive for "diversity" of viewpoint in the classroom.

Campus leftists, consumed by the arrogance of power, are big on "diversity" in virtually every other sphere of life. Why not "intellectual diversity?" asks David Horowitz, president of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture (CPSC).

Furthermore, look for national legislative efforts on this issue in Congress "sooner than you think," he told in an exclusive interview.

For the Ivy leagues, boards of trustees can expect to confront the question of "intellectual diversity" very soon says the CSPC.

This new student movement is called Students for Academic Freedom. Horowitz launched it, but it is led by students who are tired of political harassment in the classroom.

"We welcome true liberals," the CSPC says. But Horowitz refuses to accord the honorable "liberal" label to a hard left that smothers the inquiring student with one-sided propaganda.

Horowitz told us of a female Harvard professor who invited a conservative woman to address her students, and the entire class boycotted the guest's appearance. "That's what they're taught - intolerance," the CSPC leader said.

Paying lip service to "tolerance" for their agenda, while practicing militant intolerance to those views with which they disagree is a patently Marxist trait. What else can one say of the 180 members of the Yale faculty who boycotted a commencement address of one of their own alumni, President George W. Bush?

The hard left moans and whines about a so-called "blacklist" against communists in Hollywood 50 years ago, when in fact the real blacklist was, and today is, against actors with conservative views.

Similarly, CSPC says today's academic left - "for probably the last 20 or so years" - has imposed a "blacklist" against students and faculty not marching in lockstep with the dogma of the campus ideological gospel. "You can't make an absolute statement that a conservative is never hired, just almost never," Horowitz told NewsMax.

The campus hiring committees and general selection committees at the Universities are "closed systems." He finds it very interesting that many who populate these "secret societies" want campaign finance reform, "and they want the CIA and every intelligence agency to open its books [when] they have a very closed and secret society themselves, with very little accountability to anybody."

Want to test that charge? Just try to get the minutes of any hiring, promotions or tenure committees.

CSPC has just released new figures that support the assertion that a one-sided leftist dogma dominates campus life through selective "diversity," the academic blacklist, and sheer intimidation, whereby professors actively discourage conservative students from pursuing academic careers.

Over a ten-year period, commencement speakers at 32 top colleges and universities, including all Ivy League schools, were overwhelmingly on the left by a ratio of 15 to 1 over speakers on the conservative side. 22 of the 32 schools did not invite one single Republican or conservative, for a 173-0 score for the left.

A "stunning bias against conservative viewpoints" was also found on faculties at the 32 elite colleges where registred Democrats on the faculty outnumbered Republicans 10 to 1. At two schools, Bowdoin and Wellesley - Hillary's alma mater - the ratio was 23-1.

Taxpayers, through their elected representatives, are striking back.

Congress recently held a hearing on whether anti-American views are rampant at federally funded universities. Taxpayers are outraged. After all, they pay the salaries of those who turn universities into their own ideological playpens. Watch for Students for Academic Freedom make big news in the future.