2003 - 2009 Agreement between the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly and the Board of Regents of the University of Hawaii · 15 May 2005

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A. Faculty Members are responsible for maintaining high professional standards of scholarship and instruction in their
field of special competence. In giving instruction upon controversial matters, Faculty Members are expected to set
forth justly and without suppression the differing opinions of other investigators, and in their conclusions provide
factual or other scholarly sources for such conclusions. Faculty Members should be careful not to introduce into their
teaching controversial matters that have no relation to their subject.
In the conduct of research, Faculty Members shall
adhere to legal and ethical standards and procedures. Faculty Members employed by an organized research unit or
other organizational units with a research mission, or whose research is supported by an extramural contract or grant,
have a responsibility to follow the directions of their supervisor or principal investigator in the conduct of research in
support of the mission of the unit or in fulfillment of the terms of the contract or grant. The commitment to academic
freedom in the conduct of research does not imply that a Faculty Member's research is not subject to critical review and
judgment as to its quality and significance. When speaking and acting as citizens, Faculty Members shall take suitable
precaution to assure that personal utterances or actions are not construed as representing the University (emphasis added).