Wolfe Lecture Counters No One but Himself · 02 November 2005

Kyle Ellis--BSyou.net--11/02/05

On Monday, October 31, Peace and Conflict studies Professor George Wolfe presented a lecture advertised to use "Gandhian philosophy to counter David Horowitz and the new McCarthyism in various media." The only person Wolfe countered was himself.

First, Professor Wolfe opened his lecture by attempting to relate how the way he dealt with last year's incident ( see story here ) with former student Brett Mock effectively demonstrated the principles of Gandhian philosophy.

According to Dr. Wolfe's interpretation of Gandhian principles, when an injustice is done, "You don't attack, you don't strike back but you don't run either… you continue in your exposure of the injustice and you may have to take several blows either physically or psychologically."

Just in presenting his lecture, Wolfe violated the Gandhian principle of striking back in attempt to discredit Mock, SAF, Front Page Magazine, and David Horowitz.

In his lecture, Wolfe asserted that the media was taking a turn reminiscent of McCarthyism, with only two differences. Instead of fearing Communists, it is now supporters of terrorism; and instead of the fear being perpetuated by Senator McCarthy, it is now being done by the media.

"Now there is a striking parallel between Senator McCarthy's intimidating tactics in the 1950's and the extremist political climate that has evolved in the United States since 9/11. The fear now is not subversive Communist infiltrators, but would-be terrorists and also people who may privately embrace extremist Islamic views," said Wolfe.

Intrestingly, when asked what media outlets were representative of this 'new McCarthyism,' Dr Wolfe responded, "The blogger phenomenon has had a pretty big impact… I think views are becoming easily accessible throughout the entire country and the entire world… I think that's maybe… and for awhile maybe the main stream media was paying attention to the bloggers." In a follow-up question, Wolfe was again asked to name a specific medium guilty of McCarthyism but said, "I would have to think about that before I answered."

His lack of response demonstrated his inability to substantiate his own claims.

When Professor Wolfe transitioned his discussion to the use of propaganda, what he did in actuality was once again contradict his own claims.

"One problem with peace activists, as well as with 'hawks' I guess you could say, is that peace activists tend to respond to propaganda with their own propaganda. And it becomes counter-productive when one propagandizes a message in an effort to counter propaganda from another perspective," said Wolfe.

Professor Wolfe then went on to present an artistic composition entitled "Weapons of Mass Distortion" which is a criticism of the U.S. led 'invasion' of Iraq. Dr. Wolfe maintained that a peace activist should seize the moral high ground to avoid counter-productive propaganda, but admitted "Weapons of Mass Distortion" did not do this.

According to Rachel Kraus, Department of Sociology coordinator for the lecture, Dr. Wolfe will likely be presenting the lecture at several other Universities throughout the next year. Hopefully others will take note of his ill-formed logic and see the Peace and Conflict Studies Program for what it is, an attempt to indoctrinate students.