Ventura and Oxnard College Students Report Violations of Academic Freedom · 16 November 2005

By Katie Teague--Ventura College SAF--11/17/05

A VC Economics teacher accused a student of being part of our group because the student protested the teacher's use of class time to talk about how to vote on the upcoming propositions. The student asked the teacher if he was teaching political science or economics (it was an economics class). After some back and forth, the teacher burst out in a ten minute tirade on how he had the right to say what he wanted to in class and that there was a certain group of students on campus that were trying to stifle his freedom of speech.

One of the other students had to ask him to please stop yelling. The student came by our table to find out more about us. We shook his hand and told him it was a good thing to be accused of being a member of our group. The bottom line is that Students for Academic Freedom is not trying to prevent anyone's freedom of speech. We just ask that teachers abide by the VCCCD education code on providing intellectual diversity in the classroom. The teacher wasn't interested in presenting diverse perspectives on the propositions and the student had every right to complain.

Field Report from Oxnard College: "I just wanted to write and let you know about my 'incredible mid-term paper'- it's to discuss what amendment was used to give Pres. Bush his Victory in 2000. According to my political science teacher Bush lost in 2000 so through this mid-term paper we as students will be taught as to how irresponsible the Supreme Court which intervened at last minute; acted and ultimately gave Bush the 2000 Victory. I am greatly amazed at how my teacher is still agonizing and preaching over the election in 2000, don't get me wrong I also believe this was a historical election but to be reminded about it literally every class session is certainly a waste of my time and educational money."