Halloween Lecture by Conflict Studies Wolfe to Counter "New McCarthyism" in Media · 25 October 2005

By Kyle Ellis--BSyou.net--10/20/05

Last year BSyou.net reported the bias agenda that Peace and Conflict Studies Professor George Wolfe displayed in his classroom. Wolfe, who is known to promote in his classroom the idea that peace is the only legitimate way to end conflict, even in war time situations

Now as a part of this year's Department of Sociology Colloquium series, Professor George Wolfe (the self-proclaimed "Cyber Saxist") will present a lecture on Monday, October 31 at 11a.m. in the Student Center on the use of Ghandian philosophy to counter David Horowitz and the "New McCarthyism" that appear in various media. BSyou.net encourages Conservative students to attend the free lecture dressed as McCarthy.

Wolfe's lecture will almost undoubtedly attack medium such as FOX News and Front Page Magazine.

Wolfe has a history of Academic Ethics violations which were brought to light by his former student Brett Mock in David Horowitz's Front Page Magazine and BSyou.net. Horowitz is also a well-known supporter of nationwide efforts to pass legislation on academic freedom which would limit professors in biased teaching and founder of Students for Academic Freedom.

According to Mock, who took Wolfe's course in the spring of 2004, "The only studying of conflict resolution that we did was to enforce the idea that non-violent means were the only legitimate sources of self-defense."

Mock explained that those students who did not accept Wolfe's ideology suffered the consequences in their grades.

Wolfe also has a history of limiting the ideology represented in his classroom among students. Last year, Wolfe and Professor Abel Alves were scheduled to have a classroom debate with Mock and BSyou.net founder Amanda Carpenter, however Wolfe backed out of the debate unless Mock and Carpenter apologized for reporting his classroom antics.

Dr. Wolfe has issued the following statement on the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies website:

Academic freedom is alive and well at Ball State University. Of all the universities across the United States which were subject to attack for liberal bias by political extremist David Horowitz, Ball State was among those where senior administrators came to the public defense of their faculty and academic programs. Vice President for Academic Affairs Beverly Pitts, President JoAnn Gora, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Randy Hyman, and Joseph Losco, Chair of the Department of Political Science, are to be commended for their public stance against political extremism and their efforts to refute the false accusations directed towards Peace Studies at Ball State University. As a result of their efforts, two newspapers within Indiana, the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette and the Muncie Star Press, ran editorials criticizing Mr. Horowitz's propaganda campaign. In addition, both newspapers called for state legislators to ignore requests for an "Academic Bill of Rights." University faculty, therefore, should not be intimidated by Mr. Horowitz or his student organization. Nor should any professor feel a "chilling effect" that forces them to compromise their freedom to teach as they deem appropriate in the classroom. What began in September 2004 as a concern over liberal bias grew into the absurd and shameful accusation by Mr. Horowitz that Peace Studies at Ball State was anti-American and was supporting terrorism. Armed with this unjust accusation along with previous false allegations, I was able to discredit Mr. Horowitz in newspaper interviews, successfully calling public attention to his extremist political agenda.

The surge in publicity resulting from Mr. Horowitz's smear campaign ironically resulted in renewed interest in the Peace Studies program at Ball State. The 18-hour Interdisciplinary Peace Studies minor grew from only six students enrolled in September of 2004 to seventeen enrolled by the end of the fall semester. The spring semester Introductory to Peace Studies core class doubled in size from 13 in the spring of 2004 to 26 at the beginning of the spring semester of 2005. The student activist group, "PeaceWorkers," had as many as twenty members. In addition, several people in the Muncie community made significant contributions to the Peace Studies Foundation Account.

The strategies and arguments used at Ball State University to stand against David Horowitz and his McCarthy style propaganda should be adopted by administrators and faculty at other universities who find themselves bullied by extremist demagogues and self-proclaimed political commentators.

George Wolfe, Director
Ball State University
Center for Peace and Conflict Studies

BSyou.net has attempted to reach Dr. Wolfe for comment regarding his Halloween lecture, however he has not provided any response.

Kyle Ellis is a student at Ball State University and the editor of www.bsyou.net. He can be reached at Kyle_Ellis@BSyou.net.