Vassar Bans Conservative Student Organization · 26 October 2005

By Andrew Walden - Moonbat Central
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And the excuse they are using has to do with the scheduling of an event on free speech!

By Andrew Walden--Moonbat Central--10/24/05

FROM Luminance:

For those of you who may be following the events at Vassar College, a shocking and reprehensible twist: The only Conservative organization at Vassar College, the Moderate, Independent, Conservative Alliance (MICA) was officially de-authorized last night in a vote that succeeded by an overwhelming margin.

The ostensible reason for the de-authorization by the Vassar Student Association (VSA) was that MICA had missed the proposed deadline for holding its forum on free speech. The deadline was set to occur before Vassar's October Break. According to The Miscellany News, not exactly a reliable source, though on this they are correct,

Under the resolution passed by VSA on Sept. 18, MICA was to hold a forum before October break.

At the VSA meeting on Sunday, Oct. 9, Ambrose went to the VSA to ask for an extension for the dialogue…

Rodems said that the resolution states that Council will revisit the issue after October break if the forum does not occur before break, and told Ambrose not to do a rushed job. No one made a motion for any amendments to the resolution. The forum was not held before October break, and MICA posters in the dorms advertise that it will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 26.

MICA requested a deadline extension on the forum, moving it back two weeks so that they would have more time to prepare. Their request was dismissed, and the forum did not take place before the assigned date (instead it is set to occur Wednesday, October 26th, the date requested by MICA).

While the VSA certainly has a right and a responsibility to penalize MICA for not meeting the agreed upon date, the inflexibility, strictness, and severity of their response, absolutely out of character given their dealings with other organizations on campus, was completely out of line given the mild nature of MICA's infraction. The VSA's decision to completely de-authorize MICA demonstrates that the VSA was not acting purely on the basis of MICA's failure to hold the forum, instead it surrendered to the poisonous atmosphere of hostility directed towards MICA and let unreasonable and inappropriate factors, factors which exist outside of the purview of both MICA and the VSA, influence the severity of its response.

I had hoped that at a prestigious place like Vassar College that reason would prevail. Unfortunately the actions of those who identify themselves as "concerned students" and those of the VSA have dashed this hope. The real twist to this story, that it seemed like students at Vassar College were standing up on principle for free speech, has indeed flopped. And, though done in the name of censure, the aim was to censor. It it has succeeded.

(Note that the name of this org is MICA Moderate, Independent, Conservative, Alliance. Apparently they are the only group on campus to the right of Howard Dean and now they are "de-authorized.")