Mumper Applauds Universities' Move to Adopt 'Academic Bill of Rights' Compromise Policy · 14 September 2005

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26th District

Thursday, September 15, 2005
Contact: Jack Irvin
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COLUMBUS--Senator Larry Mumper (R - Marion) today applauded an announcement from Ohio's Inter-University Council (IUC) stating that the organization will adopt a resolution on academic rights and responsibilities much like the language outlined in Senate Bill 24. Mumper sponsored SB 24 earlier this year to require an "Academic Bill of Rights" for Ohio's public colleges and universities in order to ensure that intellectual diversity is supported and fostered and to guarantee students access to a broad range of scholarly ideas and opinions pertaining to the subjects they study.

"I'm pleased that the IUC is moving to formally adopt the ideals outlined in the Academic Bill of Rights," Mumper said. "I think we all agree that students must be guaranteed an environment where ideas can be exchanged freely and where they have the opportunity to arrive at their own conclusions without undue influence or persuasion toward one inclination or another. I'm proud that while Ohio's colleges and universities have always professed these ideals, they are now taking the pro-active step of putting them in writing."

The IUC has agreed to adopt a resolution at its next meeting that formalizes the institutions' commitment to valuing and respecting the diversity of ideas and ensuring that students will not be evaluated based on political leanings and opinions. The IUC has also agreed to prepare and present a report outlining campus-specific procedures as they are implemented.

"This action is a bold decision on the part of the IUC and I believe it will positively impact students who attend Ohio's colleges and universities," Mumper said. "Since the introduction of SB 24, I have maintained that the vast majority of classrooms in Ohio are already held to these standards, but for the rare instances in which a student feels threatened or belittled, I am pleased that there will now be procedures in place to remedy the situation."