Professor Forces Student to Drop Economics Class for Citing Milton Friedman · 13 April 2006

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Professor Forces Student to Drop Economics Class for Citing Milton Friedman

To Professor Georgianna, or to whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to summarize the incidents that transpired between myself and Professor Daniel Lomba Jr, earlier in this year. I had registered for Professor Lomba's Introduction to Microeconomics course with some level of enthusiasm. However, when I got to class on the first day, I was hardly pleased by what I found. He bragged about having done various drugs, including acid and marijuana, during his High School days. He seemed more interested in discussing the various aspect of his failed marriage than he did with discussing the study of economics in any form. He stated that he was a person who enjoyed tricking others into physically harming themselves, and related an incident wherein he did this by tricking a garbage man into kicking a trash barrel off of a moving truck, and doing so, blowing out his kneecap.

After doing attendance for a while, he stopped to ask if his class had any conservatives in it. I raised my hand and I identified that I was a libertarian. His reaction was to tell a few jokes at my expense. I didn't mind this, at first, assuming that he was just being friendly. The next day, however, things changed. He was giving a lecture on price controls, when I raised my hand, and gave a view of price controls that was more concerned with the free market as the tool with which to set prices. I cited the Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman as my source. His response to this was to mock me in front of the class for my views, and to even go so far as to imply that Milton Friedman as well, advocated price controls for the market.

I then stated, and I quote; "I think this is being presented in a kind of dishonest manner." He became extremely offended at this suggestion, and warned me against questioning him in class again. Later, when I got back from class, I sent the professor a couple of emails with links to articles by Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell, another free market economist, on the topics we had been discussing in class to day. I even went to far as to apologize for saying that he had been dishonest. In response, he replied with emails demanding I drop the class, and telling me that I would be reported to the dean for harassment if I did not. I did drop the class, and enrolled in History of Western Philosophy instead. However, Introduction to Microeconomics is a require course for my major, political science, and thanks to the highly unprofessional conduct of Professor Lomba, I will be forced to take the class all over again. Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, Professor.


Ben Tansey