Faculty Panel on Academic Freedom Showcases Problems · 06 February 2006

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By Jason Lavoie--University of Southern Maine--02/01/06

To the editor:

The recent faculty panel discussion on the issue of pluralism, intellectual diversity, fairness, and the Academic Bill of Rights was helpful. Not so much because of what was said (although one non-leftist professor did give a devastating "insider's glimpse" behind the curtain of the faculty Left who cling to their power in the ivory tower). But mostly because it was a classic example of the problem we face: one non-leftist professor took on four leftist profs (of course, the argument can be made that this ratio simply made the fight fair…)

We've heard it all before, over and over again: the so-called "reasons" why fairness, plurality, and diversity can't possibly be welcomed at USM with open arms. Seems "it would simply cause too much trouble". Silly people! Well, this is not a political fight, contrary to whatever the current holders of privilege might want to say. It's about the future academic integrity and vitality of USM (and campuses all across Maine). And any one who truly cares about that knows enough to give no credence to the desperate howls being raised by those who don't care as much about it as they do simply clinging to their accrued power….

Please come to a student panel discussion of these crucial issues, being held on Feb. 15th at 11:30 in the Woodbury Campus Center Amphitheater. Become truly educated about what's going on!

Writing on behalf of the USM College Republicans,

Jason M. Lavoie