Why the Academic Monolith Needs Reform · 09 January 2006

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By David Horowitz--Frontpagemag.com--01/10/06

Mark Goldblatt is tenured professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. He is a skeptic of the Academic Bill of Rights for reasons expressed in a recent article in National Review. On the other hand he recognizes the need for something like an Academic Bill of Rights on the basis of experiences like this:

"When the ABOR came up at my college,for example, the president of the faculty association explained what it was in general terms, mentioned that many colleges had already voted to reject it, and said it was sponsored by you and by other "right wing groups." He then handed out copies of it for a formal vote at the next meeting. As the papers were being circulated, another professor asked why we had to wait until the next meeting to reject it; why couldn't we just reject it now? (Bear in mind, most of them had never even heard of it; they only heard your name and the words "right wing" and were willing to reject the thing, sight unseen.). They wound up taking the vote then and there, and the ABOR was rejected almost unanimously. (I think, not counting me, there were two votes not to reject it . . . out of roughly 100 faculty present.) As I explained to several colleagues afterwards, the mere fact that the faculty association voted overwhelmingly to reject a document most members had never heard of, let alone read, underscores the need for such a document."