Responding to a study showing a gross imbalance of Democrats over Republicans on the faculty of Wells College, located in Aurora, NY, a Wells professor distributed a campus-wide email calling for Republicans to be forcibly lobotomized and labeling Republicans "stupid."

On Thursday, November 6, the Wells Republicans issued a press release describing the study they had conducted of the political party registrations of the members of the social sciences and humanities faculties at the college. The study revealed that members of parties of the Left (Democrats, Greens, Working Families) outnumbered members of parties of the Right (Republicans and Conservatives) by a ratio of 92 percent to 8 percent. The online FrontPage Magazine promptly picked up the story.

Responding to the press release and study, Wells Professor Tom Vawter sent an email to all members of the Wells community calling Republicans "stupid." He closed his email with this quote: "'Lobotomies for Republicans: It's not just a good idea; it's the Law!' --Yellow Dog."

Wells Republican Chairman Kristy Lee Hochenberger, a junior from Syracuse, NY, responded to Vawter's comments: "We are outraged by Professor Vawter's comments. Calling Republicans 'stupid' is wrong and misguided. Calling for all Republicans to be forcibly lobotomized is frightening," said Hochenberger.

"A conservative professor saying a similar thing would be gone. If a professor made an analogous comment in response to a press release from a liberal women's group, he would be out of a job by sundown. Cries of 'hate crime,' 'threats of violence,' and 'misogyny' would echo through the land. Feminist and liberal leaders would be flying into Aurora from around the country to support the beleaguered students and call for the punishment of the professor. The national media would focus on the story."

Added Hochenberger: "In yesterday's press release, we cited the experience of a number of Wells students who are reluctant to express their Republican or conservative views, given the intimidating atmosphere that some of the liberal professors on the faculty have created. Prof. Vawter has unwittingly given a perfect illustration of the kind of intolerant, intimidating attitudes that the Republican students described in yesterday's press release."

Concluded Hochenberger: "We call on the Wells College administration, and in particular Wells College President Lisa Marsh Ryerson, to condemn Prof. Vawter's intemperate language and to take measures to ensure that Republicans at Wells will be free to express themselves without fear of this kind of hateful and threatening response."

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