Colorado Battle · 15 October 2006

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Summary of Events:

Victory in Colorado, by David Horowitz, 09/13/04

There He Goes Again, Wall Street Journal, 9/19/03

Colorado Press Links in Chronological Order:

Colorado Legislators Put Forward David Horowitz's Academic Bill of Rights - Rocky Mountain News, 9/6.

Leftist Campus Ideology Under Fire - RMN, 9/6 .

Editorial Falsely Accuses David Horowitz of Advocating Academic Quotas - Rocky Mountain News, 9/9.

Diversity Plan with a Twist- The Daily Camera, 9/9.

Profs Deny Bias in Hiring - Denver Post, 9/9.

Clint Talbott Op-Ed: Conservatives for Quotas? - Daily Camera, 9/9.

Rush Limbaugh's Comments on the Situation - Rush 24/7, 9/9.

Wes Vernon Op-Ed: Fighting Back Against the Campus Left's Blacklist -, 9/9.

Democrats Call Academic Bill of Rights McCarthyism - RMN, 9/9.

Diversity Plan with a Twist, Daily Camera, 9/9

Ed Quillen Column: Purifying Our Institutions-Denver Post, 9/9

David Horowitz Corrects Critics: I Don't Want Quotas - Denver Post, 9/10.

Diversity, Not Quotas, For Faculties, by David Horowitz, RMN, 9/12

Conservative Backers Tilt Faculty Issue Towards Colorado- Denver Post, 9/12

Absurdity in Higher Ed - Denver Post, 9/13

GOP Storms the Liberal Ivory Tower, RMN, 9/13

Threats to Academic Freedom Feared - RMN, 9/13

Fiery Conservative to Speak at Metro State - RMN, 9/13

Mind Police are at it Again, Denver Post, 9/14

Lifespan of a Lie, by Sen John Andrews, 9/15

'Pluralism' Manifesto Lights a Furor, Washington Times, 9/15

Democratic, 9/15

Tone Down Rhetoric on Academic Bill of Rights, RMN, 9/16

Academic Bill of Rights Full of Folly, The Coloradoan, 9/16

Legislation is No Cure for "Imbalance" on Campus, Daily Camera, 9/17

For One, Familiarity Breeds Camaraderie, RMN, 9/18

Poor, Lonely Conservatives, Denver Post, 9/19

Academic Bill of Rights is the Stuff of Legends, RMN, 9/20

The Man Behind the War on Liberals, RMN, 9/27

Activist, America's Toughest Sheriff to Speak, Grand Junction Sentinel, 9/28

Horowitz comes to Colorado, Colorado Daily, 9/29

Horowitz Defends Manifesto: Conservative Tours Colorado Campuses, The Denver Post, 10/01

Students Assail "Academic Bill of Rights," Rocky Mountain News, 10/01

Students, Community Gathers in Denver to Discuss Academic Bill of Rights, Rocky Mountain Collegian, 10/02

Horowitz Decries 'Hate Campaign,' Rocky Mountain News, 10/02

Horowitz Challenges Campus to see Both Sides of Issues, By Erin McIntyre, The Daily Sentinel, 10/03

Missing the point on 'Bill of Rights,' Rocky Mountain News, 10/03

What Balance?, Rocky Mountain News, 10/06

Metro President Says No to Inquiry, Rocky Mountain News, 10/08

Taking Offense: the Threat to Free Speech, Rocky Mountain News, 12/04/03

Overbearing Liberalism on the Campus, Rocky Mountain News, 12/13/03

The Fight for Real Diversity, Denver Post, 12/18/03

Reject Political Agenda in Hiring, Denver Post, 12/18/03

Conservative Collegians Tell Legislators of Bias on Campus, Denver Post, 12/19/03

Students Say Views Ridiculed, Rocky Mountain News, 12/19/03

Colorado Reps Hear of Biases, Colorado Daily, 12/19/03

Metro State Professor Violated Privacy Act, Denver Post, 12/24/03

Top Ten Stories of 2003: Academic Bill of Rights, Colorado Daily, 12/26/03

Metro's Bias Fight Escalates, Denver Post, 12/31/03

Quotas Can't Create Great Teachers, Denver Post, 01/03/04

How a Leftist Professor Violated My Rights,, 01/06/04

Colorado Combats Universities' Bias, The Washington Times, 01/07/04

Letter of Support for George Culpepper from the CRNC, 01/07/04

Horowitz Again Spewing His Poison, Denver Post, 01/11/04

Diversity or Doctrine on Campus?, Rocky Mountain News, 01/14/03

Academic Freedom Showdown,, 01/19/04

Students' Site Solicits Allegations of CU Bias, Denver Post, 01/20/04

Student Support is Crucial,, 01/20/04

National Association of Scholars President Endorses Academic Bill of Rights, 01/20/04

A Leftist Professor Strikes Again,, 01/23/04

Bill Aims to Curb Profs' Classroom Politicizing, Denver Post, 01/27/04

Bill to be Introduced in Colorado, Rocky Mountain Collegian, 01/28/04

Freedom or Freeze?, Rocky Mountain News, 01/30/04

Bill Aims to Defend Students' Viewpoint, The Daily Coloradoan, 01/30/04

'Student Bill of Rights', Rocky Mountain News--January 30, 2004

Hysteria Over Academia, Rocky Mountain News, 01/30/04

Campus Speech Law Might Not Fly, Denver Post, 02/01/04

Defending Academic Freedom Online, Chicago Maroon, 02/02/04

Student Bill of Rights Needs Tweaking, Rocky Mountian News, 02/03/04

Coming-out Day for Conservatives, The Washington Times, 02/04/04

Two Wrongs Don't Make a Bill of Rights, Denver Post, 02/05/04

Student Testimony from the Colorado Legislative Hearing, 02/06/04

Prof's Mouth May Silence All Educators, Denver Post, 02/26/04

Bill to Protect Rights of Student Conservatives Moves Ahead, The Associated Press, 02/26/04

Quarrel Boosts Bill's Momentum, Rocky Mountain News, 02/26/04

'Academic Freedom' Measure Advances, Daily Camera, 02/26/04

Tempers Boil at Hearing on Academic Bill of Rights, Denver Post, 02/27/04

Oneida Meranto's Racist Speech,, 02/27/04

Metro Professor Makes Chilling Case for Academic Freedom, by Sen. Mark Hillman, Colorado Senate, 03/01/04

CSU College Republicans Create Anti-Graffiti Project, Colorado State Collegian, 03/03/04

Academic Rights for the Alma Mater: Interview with David Horowitz, Columbia Spectator, 03/08/04

Proposed 'Academic Bill of Rights' Makes Inroads, USA Today, 03/17/04

Victory for Academic Freedom in Colorado, Press Release from SAF, 03/18/04

Liberals, Conservatives Make Deal on ABOR, Colorado Daily, 03/18/04

Keep Debate Lively on Campus, Denver Post, 03/19/04

A Winning Solution, Rocky Mountain News, 03/20/04

Colorado Senate Joint Resolution Concerning Academic Freedom in Higher Education, 04/06/04

Colorado Academic Showdown, Rocky Mountain News, 09/02/04

Colorado's Incorrigible Professor,, 09/07/04

Academic Bias Cited at Colorado Schools, The Washington Times, 09/10/04

Three New Claims of Prof Bias are Heard by Colorado Panel, Denver Post, 09/10/04

Academic Bill's Effect Worries Educators, The Associated Press, 09/10/04

Victory in Colorado, by David Horowitz, 09/13/04

Setting the Record Straight, By Sara Dogan,, 12/08/04

Bill Would Protect College Faculty's Speech, The Denver Post, 01/15/05

Campos: Irony Rife in College Crusades--Rocky Mountain News--01/25/05

Reforming Hamilton U. in the Wake of Ward Churchill--By David

Ward Churchill Is Just The Beginning--By David Horowitz--Rocky Mountain News--02/08/05

David Horowitz Speaks at the University of Colorado--Daily Camera--02/15/05

Activist Blasts CU Faculty Liberals--Denver Post--02/15/05

Horowitz: Churchill Has Right to Views--Rocky Mountain News--02/15/05

Activist Blasts CU Faculty Liberals--Denver Post--02/15/05

David Horowitz Speaks at the University of Colorado--Daily Camera--02/15/05

CU is Worth Fighting For--Rocky Mountain News--03/04/05

CU President Hoffman Resigns--Associated Press--03/07/05

Fighting Words 101--Time Magazine--03/07/05

University of N. Colorado Story Confirmed--By Ryan Call--03/14/05

Statement on University of Northern Colorado Case--By Erin Bergstrom--03/15/05

Correction: Some Of Our Facts Were Wrong; Our Point Was Right--By David

Correction: We Were Right--By David

Once More Into The Breach--By David Horowitz--03/17/05

Colorado: The Student Speaks--By David

Debate Over Academic Freedom--03/21/05

Instructor has Parting Words for CU--Denver Post--04/18/05

The Case of the Colorado Exam--By David Horowitz

Left, Right and Wrong: There's One Good Way to Address Campus 'Imbalance'--Editorial from the Daily Camera--05/25/05

Professors Discuss Academic Freedom--Bonnie Holladay--The Campus Press--02/05/06

Politics-Free Commencement
By Vincent Carroll--Rocky Mountain News--05/05/06

Professor Tom Altherr is undoubtedly right: "The least we can do," the Metro State history professor told his faculty senate colleagues in an e-mail, "is give (students) a rousing, politics-free commencement. This is their day! Not Gale Norton's."

The Ward Churchill Verdict
By Scott

Ward Churchill committed multiple, “deliberate” acts of academic misconduct, according to a review by a faculty panel, released today by the University of Colorado at Boulder.

New Rule About Student Fees?
By Paula Pant--Colorado Daily--05/14/06

Regents last week grilled student government tri-executive Jeremy Jimenez about how to ensure that free speech and intellectual diversity are being protected at CU.

Eugene Volokh: Ward Churchill
By Eugene

The University of Colorado's report on the investigation of Ward Churchill's alleged scholarly misconduct has just been released. Churchill was found guilty of deliberate false assertions, misrepresentation of sources, and plagiarism.

Churchill Investigation Uncovers Academic Misconduct
By Sara Burnett and Kevin Vaughan--Scripps Howard News Service--05/16/06

BOULDER, Colo. - A University of Colorado investigative committee reported Tuesday that it uncovered serious cases of misconduct in the academic research of Ward Churchill, the professor who caused a national uproar by likening some Sept. 11 victims to a Nazi war criminal.

The Ward Churchill Verdict
By David Horowitz--Blog Post--05/18/06

The Ward Churchill debacle proves The Professors' point.

Churchill Report Sickens
By Paul Campos--RockyMountainNews--05/23/06

A 120-page report uncovers personal corruption and institutional negligence.

Chancellor Recommends Firing Churchill
By Associated Press--06/27/06

DENVER — The top official at the University of Colorado's flagship campus on Monday recommended that the school fire the firebrand professor who compared some of the World Trade Center victims to a Nazi and later was accused of academic misconduct.

Professors for Ward Churchill
By Jennifer Brown--Denver Post--07/24/06

Professors who united after being named as the "most dangerous academics in America" by a conservative author are urging the University of Colorado not to fire Ward Churchill.

"Dangerous Profs" Defend Ward Churchill
By Scott

When the University of Colorado moved last month to fire Ward Churchill, there was not much of an organized defense among professors — even among those in the academic left. That may be changing.

Churchill’s Lawyer Urges “Revolution” at CU
By Sara Burnett--Rocky Mountain News--08/10/06

Ward Churchill's lawyer said Tuesday he wants to start a "revolution" among University of Colorado professors because CU is refusing to contribute money toward the defense of Churchill's job.

Abusing Academic Freedom
By Dimitri Vassilaros--Pittsburgh Tribune-Review--08/14/06

When disgraced university professor Ward Churchill labeled the victims of 9/11 "little Eichmanns," he inadvertently helped the public become aware of academia's other "little Ward Churchills."

Indoctrination U: Colorado
By David

The first in a series of studies that show how the curricula of America's universities have been corrupted and transformed by tenured radicals into programs of ideological indoctrination.