Studies on Faculty and Campus Diversity · 04 July 2006

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By Neil Gross  Harvard University
Solon Simmons George Mason University
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A Profile of American College Faculty
Volume One: Political Beliefs and Behavior

By Gary A. Tobin and Aryeh

Categorized according to both self-identification and voting patterns, faculty are heavily weighted towards the Left.
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Faculty Partisan Affiliations in All Disciplines: A Voter-Registration Study
By Christopher F. Cardiff and Daniel B. Klein--Critical Review--July 2006

The party registration of tenure-track faculty at 11 California universities, ranging from small, private, religiously affiliated institutions to large, public, elite schools, shows that the "one-party campus" conjecture does not extend to all institutions or all departments.

Professors and their Politics: The Policy Views of Social Scientists
By Daniel B. Klein and Charlotta Stern--Critical Review--July 2006

Academic social scientists overwhelmingly vote Democratic, and the Democratic hegemony has increased significantly since 1970.

Sociology and Classical Liberalism
By Daniel B. Klein and Charlotta Stern--06/29/06

The social science where politics has replaced discipline and Democrats outnumber Republicans 15-to-1.

New Study of 18 Elite Law and Journalism Faculties Shows that Democrats Outnumber Republicans by 7-1

A study of 18 elite Law and Journalism faculties by the Center for the Study of Popular Culture, shows that faculty Democrats outnumber Republicans by a factor of 7-1.
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Narrow-Tent Democrats and Fringe Others: The Policy Views of Social Science Professors
Working Paper Series, Swedish Institute for Social Research, Stockholm University
By Daniel B. Klein ( and Charlotta Stern(

Abstract: This paper provides copious results from a 2003 survey of academics. We analyze the responses of 1208 academics from six scholarly associations (in anthropology, economics, history, legal and political philosophy, political science, and sociology) with regard to their views on 18 policy issues. The issues include economic regulations, personal-choice restrictions, and military action abroad. We find that the academics overwhelmingly vote Democratic and that the Democratic dominance has increased significantly since 1970.
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Sociology and Classical Liberalism

Ratio Working Papers No 81
By Daniel Klein ( and Charlotta Stern (

Abstract: We advocate the development of a classical-liberal character within professional sociology. The American Sociological Association (ASA) is taken as representative of professional sociology in the United States.
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If the Law Is an Ass, the Law Professor Is a Donkey
By Adam Liptak--New York Times--08/28/05

Professors at the best law schools are generally assumed to be overwhelmingly liberal, and now a new study lends proof.

Rothman, Lichter, and Nevitte Survey on Faculty Political Views
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Klein Surveys on Political Diversity in American Higher Education
ACTA Survey on Political Pressures in the Classroom

Report on Campus Commencement Speakers

Report on Lack of Political Diversity on Campus

Ivy League Survey

Political Diversity of UNLV Faculty

Conservatives Need Not Apply
By John O. McGinnis and Matthew Schwartz--Wall Street Journal--04/01/03

From the claims of supporters of diversity one might think that law schools are sparing no effort to make sure that campuses ring with contentious voices.