Press Coverage (External Articles) · 19 June 2006

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Academic Affairs Committee Retracts Support of Amendment--Carnegie Mellon Tartan--02/13/06

Senate Passes Student Rights Policy With 1/3 Vote--Carnegie Mellon Tartan--02/06/06

U. of Montana Accepts Panel's Ruling and Appoints Conservative Professor to Teach Constitutional Law--Chronicle of Higher Ed--07/19/05

Higher-Education Groups Issue Statement on Academic Rights and Intellectual Diversity on Campuses--Chronicle of Higher Ed--06/23/05

Academic Freedom for Students Has Ancient Roots--Chronicle of Higher Education--05/27/05

What Makes David Run--By Jennifer Jacobson--Chronicle of Higher Education--05/02/05

Liberal Groupthink Is Anti-Intellectual, Chronicle of Higher Education, 11/12/2004

Conservatives in a Liberal Landscape, Chronicle of Higher Education, 09/24/04

October 2003:

Cornell Debates Bill of Rights, Cornell Daily Sun, 10/29

Representative to Propose Bill of Rights for Colleges, Daily Texan, 10/27

Congressman Strives for Intellectual Diversity on College Campuses, CNS News, 10/24

Metro President Says No to Inquiry, Rocky Mountain News, 10/08

What Balance?, Rocky Mountain News, 10/06

Forecasting the Political Climate: Freedom of speech, press under scrutiny on campus, Cornell Daily Sun, 10/03

Horowitz Challenges Campus to see Both Sides of Issues, By Erin McIntyre, The Daily Sentinel, 10/03

Missing the point on 'Bill of Rights,' Rocky Mountain News, 10/03

ASUM Senate Rejects 'Diversity' Resolution, Montana Kaimin, 10/02

Students, Community Gathers in Denver to Discuss Academic Bill of Rights, Rocky Mountain Collegian, 10/02

Horowitz Decries 'Hate Campaign,' Rocky Mountain News, 10/02

Horowitz Defends Manifesto: Conservative Tours Colorado Campuses, The Denver Post, 10/01

Students Assail "Academic Bill of Rights," Rocky Mountain News, 10/01

September 2003:

Horowitz comes to Colorado, Colorado Daily, 9/29

Activist, America's Toughest Sheriff to Speak, Grand Junction Sentinel, 9/28

The Man Behind the War on Liberals, RMN, 9/27

Impromptus, National Review Online, 9/23

Academic Bill of Rights is the Stuff of Legends, RMN, 9/20

Horowitz's Delicious Academic Bill of Rights, David Limbaugh, 9/20

There He Goes Again, WSJ, 9/19

Poor, Lonely Conservatives, Denver Post, 9/19

For One, Familiarity Breeds Camaraderie, RMN, 9/18

Chilling Effects, Reason Magazine, 9/17

Responses to Reason Mag article

Legislation is No Cure for "Imbalance" on Campus, Daily Camera, 9/17

Academic Bill of Rights Full of Folly, The Coloradoan, 9/16

Lifespan of a Lie, by Sen John Andrews, 9/15

Democratic, 9/15

Mind Police are at it Again, Denver Post, 9/14

GOP Storms the Liberal Ivory Tower, RMN, 9/13

Threats to Academic Freedom Feared - RMN, 9/13

Fiery Conservative to Speak at Metro State - RMN, 9/13

Diversity Plan with a Twist- The Daily Camera, 9/9

Rush Limbaugh's Comments on the Situation - Rush 24/7, 9/9.

Wes Vernon Op-Ed: Fighting Back Against the Campus Left's Blacklist -, 9/9

Democrats Call Academic Bill of Rights McCarthyism - RMN, 9/9

Leftist Campus Ideology Under Fire - RMN, 9/6