Existing Academic Freedom Regulations · 20 February 2006

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AAUP Statements on Academic Freedom
Excerpted from the Students for Academic Freedom mission and strategy booklet by David Horowitz.

KU and KSU Academic Freedom Policies Analysis
By Sara Dogan--SAF--03/15/06

Temple and University of Pittsburgh Academic Freedom Policies Analysis
By Sara Dogan--SAF--10/15/05

Ohio Summary of Current Academic Freedom Policies at Eleven State Universities
By Sara Dogan - SAF - 04/27/05

Nearly all of Ohio's public universities have policies which restrict professors from persistently introducing irrelevant controversial material in the classroom. It's a shame that they aren't publicized to students or enforced.

Florida Academic Freedom Policies Evaluation
By Sara Dogan--04/04/05

Commentary on the Academic Freedom Regulations at OSU and Senate Bill 24
By Sara Dogan, National Campus Director, Students for Academic Freedom, 03/07/05

Ohio State's Academic Freedom Regulations provide many of the same protections as Senate Bill 24, but students are unlikely to ever find out.

University of Cincinnati: Evaluation of Academic Freedom Policies
By Sara Dogan--03/10/05

The University of Cincinnati has extensive academic freedom policies--but students are unlikely to know about them.

The American Historical Association Endorses the ABOR--in Theory
By Sara Dogan--FrontPageMagazine.com--03/28/05

A review of the AHA's Statement on Standards of Professional Conduct.

Penn State Academic Freedom Regulations Analysis

The Academic Freedom policies of Penn State University explicitly prohibit faculty members from discussing controversial topics in class that do not relate to the subject matter of their courses.

Bowling Green State University (OH) Academic Freedom Policies

Resolution on Academic Freedom from the University of Hawaii at Manoa Faculty Senate

This resolution from the Faculty Senate at U. Hawaii-Manoa illustrates that asking faculty members to refrain from "introducing controversial matters into their teaching that have no relevance to the subject" is part of the commonly-held philosophy of academic freedom.

2003 - 2009 Agreement between the University of Hawaii Professional Assembly and the Board of Regents of the University of Hawaii
The faculty contract lays out the responsible behavior of professors in the classroomw which accords with the Academic Bill of Rights.

Report on Florida Academic Freedom Policies Obscures a Serious Problem
By Sara Dogan--SAF--07/28/06

Students for Academic Freedom exposes an academic freedom report to the Florida Legislature as a smokescreen.
Read SAF's press release here