Students for Academic Freedom Deserves Our Support · 07 October 2003

Letter to the Editors of the Rocky Mountain Collegian

We all should support any institution that promotes the idea of diversity and equality. Unsurprisingly, most individuals would agree with that statement; applying that statement to academics, though, would make most people cringe. I find it highly amusing that so many professors, fellow students and individuals in the community are willing to make Colorado State and other locations of higher learning their personal soapbox. More than amusing, though, I find their actions to be hypocritical and highly destructive to our education.

David Horowitz's (advocate of the Academic Bill of Rights for students) mission, and for that matter the mission that should be of every university and professor, is to encourage a respectable level of critical thinking. That critical thinking I've been taught over the last four years, I'm ashamed to say, is to be critical of conservative views and reject them outright - they're obviously wrong.

No, they are not so obviously wrong; no opinion is ever obviously wrong. But, the mission of Students for Academic Freedom is not about protecting any one school of thought specifically; it's about protecting all of them, left to right. We should all stand in support of this movement developing on our college campus and others throughout our country. We stand to lose nothing if we do, but if we don't we can fail to balance the tables that have been thrown askew by something that I think is painfully obvious - educational discrimination.

Robert Lee

Senior, political science