Technique Whitewashes Jihad · 14 March 2007

By Georgia Tech College Republicans
For Immediate Release

ATLANTA (March 14, 2007) - Earlier this semester, the Technique's
editorial board rejected an advertisement from the Terrorism Awareness
Project entitled, "What Americans Need to Know about Jihad."  The ad
submitted simply called attention to the oft-stated goal of jihadists - the
establishment of a global Islamic state under Islamic law.

After censoring this ad, the Technique published a news article with the
headline, "Islamic Awareness Week promotes understanding."  The article
chose to whitewash the truth about how Islamic terrorists have advanced
jihad through words and deeds.

"The Technique is clearly promoting one particular viewpoint and at the same
time censoring our views that are not lockstep in line with their own," said
GTCR Campus Activism Director David Hotle, who is coordinating the Terrorism
Awareness Project ( at Georgia Tech.  "This
newspaper is doing all students a disservice by not giving them complete
information on crucial matters such as jihad, an issue which affects every
student on campus."

The Technique has long been disappointing in its coverage of current events,
and in particular its reporting since September 11, 2001 has been appalling.
"The Technique's promotion of a false reality and intentional cover-ups is
continuing to undermine America's War on Terror and the ability to defeat
radical Islam," said Orit Sklar, a board member of the College Republicans
participating in the TAP initiative.  "It is yet another area of the campus
seeking to shut down debate, replacing honesty with censorship and

The Georgia Tech Chapter of the College Republicans believes that the
Technique is hindering the campus from becoming a marketplace of ideas, and
that the paper should strive for objectivity and impartiality in covering
the salient challenges facing our country and our campus.  GTCR is urging
the Technique to display higher standards of journalistic integrity and to
endeavor to give students as much information as possible so that they can
arrive at their own conclusions.

Each year, the Technique receives approximately $60,000 from the Student
Activity Fee, and GTCR believes that the Technique must be held accountable
and either change how it operates or seeks a new source of funding.  "The
Technique claims to be 'The South's Liveliest College Newspaper,' but that
can only be true if one considers a career in Soviet-style propaganda a
worthy pursuit," said Sklar.  "If it chooses not to present the news in a
more balanced manner, students should be permitted to choose to stop funding

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