Conservative Publication Censored at Richard Nixon's Alma Mater · 16 September 2003

at Richard Nixon's Alma Mater

By Jess Craven and Josh Barnett

Whittier College, the alma mater of Richard Nixon, has ordered a new student-run conservative publication to cease publication after its first issue.
The Editor of the independently funded Liberty Bell must request the right to distribute from a non-existent Publications Board.

Whittier has ruled distribution of the first issue last semester was against school policy. They will no longer permit the conservative paper to be
placed on tables in the cafeteria or even handed out directly to students. They must ask permission to repeat these actions from Publications Board.

Currently Publications Board is without a Chair and missing members, prohibiting quorum. If, in 1-2 months Publications Board is able to meet, they will first have to decide which of five disputed by-laws is the latest, an issue plaguing them for over two years. Unfortunately for the Liberty Bell, there are no guidelines in any of the five by-laws as to how a new
publication registers.

If in some miracle the Liberty Bell is able to become a registered member by 2004 they will then have to turn to the liberal-dominated board for approval of their Editor and Staff and for approval to distribute. In addition, the board will have the ability to suspend or even replace the Editor, dictate content and inflict consequences for perceived noncompliance with their
journalistic guidelines not designed for a politically oriented publication.

At least 4 other publications exist at Whittier outside of Publications Board. Two have published for years without incident and another started the same time as the Liberty Bell. None of the four publications have been asked to register with Publications Board, a board designed to distribute funds, funds the Liberty Bell does not need.

Unequal treatment to conservative students is nothing new at Whittier where a recent 'Political Party Registration Survey' turned up only one Republican
professor out of the randomly selected 50. A college where professors post pictures of George Bush in Hitler garb and mustache on their office doors,
where one professor went as far as to post a 'blow up Disneyland' sticker on her door, a message that stayed up through 9/11 until Spring 2003 when
conservatives protested. A college that ordered Campus Safety to literally lock the doors five minutes before an LA College Republican event featuring
Shawn Steel and Bill Simon.

The Founders had the wisdom to ensure no elected body shall ever abridge our freedom of speech or that of the press, or the right of any of us to peacefully assemble. These same founders would be dismayed to see that the values cherished are held in contempt by many at Whittier, a college which has graduated an American President.

Barny Peake, the Director of Student Activites who made the ruling that the Liberty Bell could no longer be distributed, can be reached at 562-907-4986 or at

Katherine Haley Will, Whittier College President, can be reached at 562-907-4201 or at

Josh Barnett, Editor-in-Chief of the Liberty Bell, welcomes any messages of support at

Jess Craven is the founder of the Liberty Bell and Josh Barnett is currently the editor-in-chief.

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