Free Exchange Racists · 25 July 2007

By David Horowitz
Filed under: Replies to Critics

Free Exchange On Campus is a teacher's union front that pretends it is concerned with academic freedom. In fact it is concerned with suppressing academic freedom, in particular the academic freedom of students to be taught by professionals who are scholars and not proselytizing ideologues. But in a recent post, Free Exchange reveals that it is also part of the racist left which will defend race specific codes that privilege designated racial groups.

Ward Connerly is trying to remove racist practices from Missouri public institutions by passing an initiative that prevents discrimination by government on the basis of race. This is exactly the battle we fought in the Sixties against the jim crow laws in the south. It's what Brown v. Board of Education was about, and it's what Martin Luther King preached. This legacy has been betrayed by the Free Exchange/Daily Kos leftists who are totalitarians to the core and want government and other political agencies to determine how our students think and which students are to receive privileges based on their skin color. Of course not all people of color are to be benefited by the left's apartheid system. Sri Lankans and other Asians are designated "white" -- the skin color of the devil and are to be denied equality under the race laws that Free Exchange is so desperate to defend.