Ward Churchill Firing Long Overdue · 02 August 2007

By David Horowitz
Filed under: Replies to Critics

Frontpage Magazine

The firing of Ward Churchill for academic incompetence and fraud is long overdue. The fact that the chairman of the Colorado University regents said it was "not an easy decision to make" reminds us how this scandal lifts the lid on the vast corruption of the academic process that tenured radicals have accomplished in the last several decades.

Churchill had no academic credential to be hired in the first place. His degree was an MA in graphic arts -- he was a painter -- bestowed by a rinky dink experimental college which is now defunct. He got an affirmative action job designated for "native Americans" even though he is an Anglo-Saxon and his tribal membership was also based on his extremist leftwing views and has since been repudiated by the tribe in question.

It took the national scandal of his infamous 9/11 essay to get the university to even address his malfeasance. The scandal led to the convening of a panel of professors who found that Churchill was a liar, a plagiarist, and not a scholar at all. The entire Ethnic Studies department at Colorado U is composed of Churchill clones and worshippers, but don't hold your breath that anyone is going to look into their academic performance. And Churchill will have his day in court aided by the American Civil Liberties Union which shares his belief that America is the Great Satan and should be brought down by every means possible.