Baylor Should Address Imbalanced Curricula in Academia · 02 December 2010

By Emily Hammon - The Baylor Lariat

Baylor's Executive Vice President and Provost Elizabeth Davis has issued this statement; "Our specific call, at this critical moment, is to employ our collective imagination to determine the next steps to which our commitment and purpose point. The stakes are very high. ... We must use all of our creativity to chart the many ways Baylor University can, and should, connect its commitments to its purpose to serve both church and world."

As a Baylor student I am gratified that the university values our opinion and seeks to rectify problems that exist. This is my heartfelt suggestion to vastly improve Baylor.

Our college has expectations of each and every student that it expresses in the Student Handbook. Student expectations concerning how and what we learn should be given equal importance. The educational journey should offer an open forum of ideas allowing students to explore and benefit from diversity of thought.

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