California Universities' Diversity Machine Under Fire · 14 September 2011

By Jeff Michaels - Fox 11

Los Angeles - California universities have gutted programs and hiked tuition in this tough economy, but they're not touching what critics call their "Diversity Machine"... staff and programs dedicated to campus multi-culturalism. We've found diversity staffing is expanding and costing taxpayers millions.

It's a taboo subject that few people are willing to talk openly about. The UC's have cut millions from their budget but are actually beefing up their diversity staff.

Among the new positions: UCSD created a new Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion; UCLA recently added an Assistant Dean for Campus Climate and a Vice Provost for Faculty Diversity; and UC Irvine's chancellor recently vowed not to cut its diversity programs during hard times.

Author Heather Mac Donald, a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, ignited the "Diversity Machine" debate after writing about it.

Heather tells us that creating this bureaucracy is saying campuses are inherently racist, and that UCs actually bend over backwards to hire and recruit the best minority staff and students and that the bureaucracy is redundant. She says that these positions are simply cushy jobs for minority hire... pretty inflammatory words.

FOX 11's Studio 11 LA Producer Heidi Cuda, produced our investigation into the "Diversity Machine" story.

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