My Personal Right-Wing Conspiracy · 28 November 2011

By Anthony Dent -

As a life-long conservative, I saw universities as battlegrounds of ideas before I came to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Eager to spar with the Bush-bashing, tree-hugging, atheistic liberals whom I imagined inhabiting campus, I immediately threw myself into conservative activism and debate.

Now that I’m a senior, I have become the face of conservatism to many at UNC, after serving as chairman of the College Republicans and now serving as co-editor for Carolina Review, the school’s sole conservative publication.

Fighting for ideological balance has certainly been an uphill fight, and I’ve suffered my share of antagonism. Of course, the real Carolina was not quite the ideological war zone of my high school imagination. Most of the students and faculty, although liberal, had the best of intentions and were very nice people.

Even so, liberals dominate the campus dialogue. Their dominance is often revealed as soon as one steps on campus. Admissions ambassadors laud our “commitment to diversity.” Chants of “People, not profits!” ring from the frequent leftist protests that disturb our tranquil campus.

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