Rutgers Prof to Conservative Mewspaper: You’re Going Down! · 09 December 2004

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Rutgers Prof to Conservative Newspaper: You're Going Down!

ARLINGTON, Va. - The editorials of the Rutgers Centurion, a conservative student newspaper, dismissed their faculty advisor after the professor tried to nix an article challenging his socialist viewpoints.

A self-described "Marxist, socialist, feminist, and pragmatic postmodernist," Professor James Livingston agreed to act as the Centurion's advisor when no other faculty member would do so. In return, he asked for a 750-1200 word column in each issue.

When the editors tried to print a response, Livingston threatened to resign. In an email sent to editor-in-chief James O'Keefe, Livingston suggested he would lobby against the paper in front of student government.

According to one editor, Livingston vowed to "bring [the Centurion] down by any means necessary."

"We thought Professor Livingston volunteered to be our advisor to help provide balance on a blatantly left-leaning campus," said Centurion editor-in-chief James O'Keefe. "His threats and behavior toward staff demonstrated otherwise."

Appropriately enough, the current edition of the Centurion points out faculty bias at Rutgers. Among Rutgers faculty, Democrats outnumber Republicans 13 to one according to the Centurion's voter registration study. The study also found that university employees gave $52,000 to John Kerry's Presidential campaign, while giving just $500 to George W. Bush. Contributions as well as PDFs of the issues can be accessed at

O'Keefe and his fellow editors started the Centurion with assistance from the Campus Leadership Program (CLP).

A division of the Leadership Institute, CLP helps students start and maintain independent conservative groups and newspapers. There are over 400 now-active groups at campuses in 48 states. Any student who wants to fight left-wing bias at his or her college can reach CLP online at