Duke Conservative Union Exposes President Keohane's "Diversity" Hypocrisy · 09 February 2004

February 9, 2004

(Durham) - The Duke Conservative Union announced today that it has uncovered the blatant hypocrisy of President Nannerl Keohane's touting of "diversity" as a cardinal virtue in higher education. In a full-page advertisement in today's Chronicle, the student-run daily of Duke University, the DCU demonstrated that many of the departments at Duke are home to mind-numbing political conformity.

By cross-referencing Duke's departmental faculty lists with North Carolina voter registration, the DCU found, for example, that Democrats outnumber Republicans in the departments of History, Literature, Sociology, and English by 32-to-0, 11-to-0, 9-to-0, and 18-to-1 margins. Accordingly, the Duke Conservative Union has questioned President Keohane's self-championed obsession with "intellectual diversity." The advertisement calls on President Keohane to divulge whether she thinks such ideological conformity represents what she means by "diversity."

"The massive discrepancies between Democrats and Republicans in many of Duke's departments demonstrate how un-diverse this university truly is," remarked Madison Kitchens, a member of the Duke Conservative Union. "The Duke Conservative Union has ably demonstrated that President Keohane's heralding of 'diversity' is a sham."

A student-run activist organization, the Duke Conservative Union strives to promote conservative principles, policies, and candidates at Duke University-its ambitious goal being to provide a balanced argument in politics on campus.

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