DePauw Email · 09 May 2004


In the last few years, many of us have been generous of our time and energy with the the College Republicans student organization. My staff and I have been panelists for CR events, we've lent a hand with Conservative Awareness Week and we have provided support for them in other ways. In my experience, the identity/affinity organizations that OMA is closely affiliated with have also been generous with their support, attendence and co-sponsored of CR programs like Pizza & Politics.

I'm not feeling particularly generous at this moment.

In many of the conversations that I personally have had with some of the CR membership, they have talked about how they want to work more collaboratively with other student groups, especially members of historically under-represented groups, and how CR is actively trying to change the stereotype that conservatives are racist, classist, homophobic and just plain dumb.

I'm not feeling particularly convinced of CR's sincerity at this moment, either.

At this particular moment, I'm feeling anger and frustration that CR has chosen to end their programming year by writing a check to David Horowitz. Please notice that I'm frustrated with the leadership of CR.
It's a waste of my precious time and energy to feel anything but irritation for hate-mongers like Horowitz. Stupidity bores me. I will not attend his talk; I will not be another warm body that CR can add to their count to convince themselves that this event was "successful". What I will do is remember this moment, especially the next time CR expects me to be generous and accomodating.

I'd encourage all of you to work hard on your final papers and prepare for your exams. Eat right, get as much rest as you can and make good choices with your very valuable time.

Good luck on finals, Jeannette (Director, Office of Multicultural

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