Ball State Professors Respond to Complaints · 26 September 2004

The Muncie (IN) Star Press--09/27/04

Professor Wolfe responds

Excerpts of professor George Wolfe's written response to student Brett Mock's complaints:

Mr. Mock misrepresents the class and makes numerous false accusations.

For one of his field assignments, Mr. Mock asked to attend a meeting in Indianapolis at which Vice President Dick Cheney was speaking. I supported his request and he received credit for attending.

Consider these examples of discussion questions distributed in class:

Compare liberal and conservative views of issues related to peace and war.
What are some general justifications for war?
Explain the concept of human rights from a liberal, conservative and collectivist perspective.
Explain how the "just war" theory can be used to both support and criticize the war with Iraq.
For students interested in an in-depth examination of military options with regard to peace studies, Ball State offers classes in military history ....

There are several more points on which I would like to comment, but addressing them would require me to divulge information pertaining to Mr. Mock's performance in the class. University policy designates that such information remain confidential. Mr. Mock made no effort to avail himself of ... internal procedures (students) can use to express their concerns ... about any class or teacher.

Professor Alves responds

Excerpts of verbal comments made by professor Abel Alves in response to student Amanda Carpenter's complaints:

I am disheartened if as result of this ( Web site some people think that I am opposed to all agricultural practices or anti-farming. I am not. I do believe it is the task of a university to present points of view which have evidence to back them and which have facts to back them. That the task of a university is not to engage in ad hominem argument.

Rather, Fast Food Nation, which has received national attention and was nearly on the New York Times best-seller list for two years, is a book which includes Centers for Disease Control information, United States Department of Agriculture information, and substantial scientific facts and evidence to argue its claims. It is an instance of high journalism, and it would be wanting for a school the size of Ball State not to expose its students to journalism in this fashion. I have no shame at all being associated with that book

I believe two years ago or so Dennis Avery spoke here and presented his arguments in favor of industrial agriculture.

I feel discouraged and frustrated at times that my reputation has been dragged through the mud without any real evidence and a great deal of misrepresentation. That is terribly upsetting to me.