A U Texas Student Protests Attempts to Silence David Horowitz · 19 April 2005

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By Beau Tyler--Daily Texan--04/18/05

Professor Dana Cloud's sense of liberty and intellectualism is astonishingly hypocritical. She seems to believe that no one's rights were violated when protestors attempted to drown out David Horowitz, who came to speak on April 13. Apparently, she believes that it is acceptable to silence some speech.

It would be wonderful if Progressives respectfully listened to events hosted by Conservatives. They should, at least, wait until the question and answer period to break out the air horns. Mr. Horowitz wanted to speak and many others wanted to listen. The protestors set out to deny them liberty. Then, when these dissidents were removed or arrested, Ms. Cloud claimed that the free speech of the protestors was violated.

Let us assume that Ms. Cloud publishes a pamphlet demanding that no Christian speakers, excluding, of course, Rev. Jesse Jackson, be paid with University funds to present programs at The University. How should the police deal with those who attempt to burn every copy of her proposal? Suppose that swarms of Republicans and Libertarians pour into to her lecture hall waving Old Glory and singing the National Anthem? Wouldn't these hypothetical conservatives be exercising their rights according to the Cloud model?

The only moral justification of government is to secure the rights of its citizens. These rights spring from respect for each individual. Those arrested were trying to deny David Horowitz and others their rights of free speech and peaceful assembly. So, when the police removed or arrested those who sought to prevent the exercise of others' freedoms, they were doing their job. This, my friends, is why we grudgingly pay our taxes.

Before anyone starts chanting anything, allow me to explain. I might not always agree with Horowitz; however, we must allow the man to speak and be heard. If you don't want to hear him, pretty please, with sugar on top, go somewhere else. To attend any speech only to attempt to shout down the speaker is not righteous. It is, in fact, intellectual sloth and immoral.

Beau Tyler
Senior, English Major