Conservatives Being Abused on Indiana's College Campuses · 17 April 2005

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By Jonathan Moore--Tribune Star--04/15/05

Recently, there was a wave of despicable violence against conservative speakers on college campuses in Indiana.

A week ago Wednesday, David Horowitz, a respected author and advocate for the Academic Bill of Rights, was doused with a chocolate cream pie at the beginning of his speech at Butler University. As well, a Butler student hurled racial slurs at Marvin Scott, a Butler professor and former Republican candidate for U.S. Senate. It was the second time in a week that a conservative speaker was hit by a pie at an Indiana campus.

The same day, I was slandered in the Indiana Statesman by a letter to the editor responding to one of my thought-provoking columns. The letter stated, "Fascists like Moore do not want a free America" and "seek to supplant our American freedoms." These accusations are misleading and deceptive.

Last month at Indiana State, someone stole my "support the troops" magnet, defaced my Bush sticker and inflicted minor damage by keying my car. The accident was reported to the authorities but these criminals are still at large.

There is a troubling problem brewing on Indiana campuses today. Faculty and students are choosing to obstruct the right to express conservative ideas and opinions and not letting people listen to the other side of the story.

-- Jonathan Moore

Jonathan Moore is a student at Indiana State University.