College Republicans to Sue CSUN Under Nevada's Freedom of Information Laws · 08 August 2005

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Students seek information on why their organization was suspended


The College Republicans of Nevada (CRN) announced that its Executive Director, Robert Lee, has been directed to file a lawsuit against the President of the Consolidated Students of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (CSUN), and Peter Goatz. The lawsuit is regarding efforts by the CRN to obtain public records as to why the College Republican chapter was suspended from activity as UNLV, and is filed under Nevada's freedom of information laws.

"Unfortunately, my hand has been forced by Peter Goatz's refusal to work with us," said Lee, who has attempted to contact Goatz multiple times by phone and email with no resolution. "The College Republicans are on the right side of the law, so I'm confident that we will be given this information."

Apparently, the CSUN Services Committee, the body responsible for approving, denying, or suspending the recognition of student organizations at UNLV, suspended the UNLV College Republicans on November 23, 2004. CSUN has not provided the minutes of the meeting that will explain the rules and regulations that were broken and the punishments for the alleged infractions. The CRN suspects devious justifications led to the decision.

"The College Republicans will not back down until Peter Goatz and CSUN provide these records" says George Higgins, CRN Chairman. He continues "support for this lawsuit is strong among the CRN officers, and Robert Lee has my full support"

The complaint filed to initiate the lawsuit alleges that Peter Goatz is violating provisions of N.R.S. #239 and #241 that protect the citizenry's right to know. CSUN is bound by the laws according to the policies in place by the Nevada Board of Regents. "Student governments are democracies, too.
They can't do as they please, when they please, to whom they please" says Robert Lee.

If you would like to help the College Republicans in any way or obtain more information about the lawsuit or the College Republicans of Nevada in general, please contact George Higgins at by email at