Report from Ventura Community College, Southern California · 18 August 2005

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By Katie Teague--08/19/05

We have had considerable anti-military recruiting action on our campus by the same people that stage anti-war protests and anti-Bush rallies. These people have been invited onto campus by faculty and staff. The Ventura College SAF prepared a counter brochure that exposed the people and organizations behind the anti-military recruiting efforts.

The College President recently pulled our brochure because the anti-recruiting people said that it was inaccurate and slanderous towards Medea Benjamin, who is the founder of Global Exchange. We met with the President, pointed out that Medea Benjamin was a public figure and that the information was completely accurate. She was quick to point out that it wasn't a matter of accuracy but attacking a private individual. With our backup information and source material, we were able to demonstrate that Medea was indeed a public figure and fair game, much like Karl Rove. She acknowledged that we were correct and the brochures could go back up immediately.

If you have anti-recruiting issues going on at your campus, please feel free to contact me so we can share experiences on what works. Also, be forewarned about the Veterans for Peace's anti-war memorial called "Arlington West'. Various colleges have hosted them and their display of white crosses erected on campus. It is an anti-American display and most veterans are offended by it. We have a couple of stellar counter brochures that we hand out whenever they are in town.

Katie Teague

Ventura Community College