Study Shows That Journalism Teachers Lean Left · 18 December 2005

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By Bill Wilson--Focus on the Family--12/15/05

A recent study of the political party registrations of 1,021 faculty members conducted by the Center for the Study of Popular Culture showed that Democrats and other party affiliations, such as the Green Party, far outnumber Republicans among faculty members at the most revered journalism schools in America . David Horowitz of Frontpage Magazine authored the study.

"People wonder why the press seems to be biased to one side of all political debates, that's a pretty good reason because this is where journalists are trained."

Former Education Secretary Bill Bennett says journalism schools are home to liberal activists.

"There's a wonderful quote from Chekhov. He says: "you do not become a saint through other people's sins," but there are a lot of people in journalism schools that believe they do; that if they become the next Woodward or Bernstein that this is somehow going to be their personal redemption or salvation."

Mark Tapscott of the Heritage Foundation says a lot is a stake due to the liberal lean.

"I have long maintained that the future of the First Amendment and freedom of speech and freedom of the press in this country absolutely depends upon conservatives and especially conservative Christians. We're the ones who believe that everyone has the right to speak their mind."

One solution is for more conservatives to consider becoming Journalism school professors.