Professor Speaks · 09 February 2005

The Associated Press--02/10/05

No apologies. No backing down. No resignation.

University of Colorado ethnic studies professor Ward Churchill says he only answers to the C-U Board of Regents -- who should do their job and let him do his.

Churchill told more than one-thousand people gathered inside a ballroom on the C-U-Boulder campus last night that he's not about to apologize for an essay written after the 2001 terrorist attacks, in which he compared some of the dead to Nazis.

Instead, he insisted he was not referring to children, firefighters, janitors or passers-by who were killed in the attacks on the World Trade Center -- and the subsequent collapse of the Twin Towers.

Churchill said his essay comparing workers in the Trade Center to "little Eichmanns" referred only to "technocrats" -- who he said were involved in repressive American policies. Colorado's governor, among other critics, have called for Churchill's resignation or firing, but the professor told last night's crowd he doesn't answer to Bill Owens.

David Horowitz is a champion of conservative causes who's accused American universities of overstocking their faculties with leftists. He says firing Churchill would violate his First Amendment rights and set a bad precedent.

Horowitz instead called for an inquiry into C-U's hiring and promotion procedures, to learn how Churchill managed to rise to the chairmanship of the school's ethnic studies department. Churchill has since resigned that post, but remains as an ethnic studies professor. His welcome letter, however, written as head of the department to students remains posted on the university's Web site.