David Horowitz Speaks at the University of Colorado · 14 February 2005

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Nationally known conservative says university lacks balance

By Vanessa Miller--Daily Camera--02/15/05

University professors are a privileged elite that work between six to nine hours a week, eight months a year for an annual salary of about $150,000, according to David Horowitz.

During a Monday night lecture on the University of Colorado campus, the nationally known conservative author also accused Democrats of being racists; presidential candidate John Kerry of being stupid; and CU professor Ward Churchill of being a "friend of genocidal Muslim slaveowners because he is an ideologue."

He stood by the accusations, but told the crowd of about 100 people gathered for a lecture on academic freedom that a professor would not have grounds to make the same claims in front of a class.

"Everything I said is true. But if I were a professor, I should be fired, because that isnot an education," Horowitz said. "I have a responsibility to students - the little followers of Ward Churchill and everyone else. If I were a professor, I would have to lay out all the viewpoints, all the facts, and give them readings."

That kind of balance is too rare at CU, Horowitz said.

"Professors are professionals, and they are there to educate you," he said. "There is a massive abuse at this university. This university is a mess."

Still, Horowitz said Churchill should not be fired for his recently publicized writings on the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks because he did not make the comments as a teacher during one of his classes.

"This is not a free-speech issue. Ward Churchill should not be fired for writing an idiotic article," Horowitz said. "How can he be? We have a First Amendment in this country, and a university cannot fire a professor for making a speech they don't like off-campus. You don't surrender your rights when you become a professor."

Horowitz said an issue at CU more disturbing than Churchill is the institution's "corruption" and "contempt" against minorities.

The proof, he said, is that CU hired and promoted Churchill, whose writings imply that America is a genocidal nation, meaning the professor looks down on minorities in America.

"Ward Churchill obviously thinks brown people or black people are terminally stupid," he said. "Why else would they want to come to a country that exterminates them?"

Theo Horesh, a 33-year-old Boulder resident who attended Horowitz's lecture, said he was disappointed with the author's presentation because he blatantly distorted the truth.

"I think there are a lot of good conservatives, but I think you're dishonest," Horesh told Horowitz.

Horowitz used to lean to the left side of the spectrum.

"I feel he's gone from one extreme to another," Horesh said afterward. "I think he interspersed some excellent points of the complexity of the real world with some extreme exaggerations and falsehoods."

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