Activist Blasts CU Faculty Liberals · 14 February 2005

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By Felisa Cardona--Denver Post--02/15/05

Conservative activist David Horowitz strongly criticized the University of Colorado during a lecture Monday night, saying that its liberal professors have embarrassed the campus.

Horowitz mostly referred to ethnic studies professor Ward Churchill's comments about the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in which the professor compared some of the victims to Nazis.

Horowitz called Churchill a "loon" and a "kook" and said he should be fired by CU.

"Anything goes in this university if it's far enough to the left," said Horowitz, who previously has pushed for an Academic Bill of Rights for students. "You cannot get a good education at this university if they are only telling you half the story."

Most of the students in the crowd, some also members of the College Republicans, appeared to agree with Horowitz's assessment.

However, there were some dissenters in the audience who asked Horowitz to explain some of his theories on race and whether he thought the CU football player scandal was more of an embarrassment to the university than Churchill.

Horowitz continued to challenge the dissenters, saying that if they heard contrary viewpoints more often, they would receive a better education.

He blasted an astronomy professor who he said took 45 minutes of lecture time to criticize President Bush rather than discuss astronomy.

"Professors are professionals and are there to educate you," he said. "This is a massive abuse of a captive audience. You can't educate people by laying down what you think is the truth ... especially when it's locked down by your grading power."

Though Horowitz said he does not believe Churchill should be fired for writing about his opinions, he believes Churchill should be let go for falsely claiming status as an American Indian.

He urged students to do their own research and question what they are hearing in classrooms.

He also told them not to believe everything they hear from the faculty, whom he called liberal ideologues.

"Your professors at this university are teaching you to be embarrassed by this nation," he said.

"If America is a racist, genocidal nation that is exterminating black and brown people, then why do so many Mexicans want to come here?" Horowitz asked. "Why do people so desperately want to come into this country illegally and legally?"

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