Unholy Alliance attacks the Academic Bill of Rights · 08 February 2005

By David Horowitz--Blog Post on 02/09/05

The Council on Arab Islamic Relations is an organization funded by Saudi Wahabbis, three of whose top executives have been arrested for terrorist activities, that exploits Americans' concern for civil liberties to protect America's enemies and that has a dishonorable record of mendacity and a penchant for using threats of libel to chill free speech. There is probably not a patriotic journalist around who has not received a letter from CAIR's lawyers attempting to shut them up. Now CAIR has joined other leftist organizations like the AAUP and the ACLU to oppose the Academic Bill of Rights on the Orwellian ground that it is a threat to academic freedom and would have a chilling effect on ideas (not those ideas of course which CAIR otherwise works so zealously to chill).

(COLUMBUS, OH, 2/9/05) - CAIR-Ohio is urging all persons of conscience to voice their concern over the recently-introduced Ohio Senate Bill 24.

If enacted, Senate Bill 24 will censor Ohio colleges and universities. The so-called "Academic Bill of Rights" is truly a misnomer, as it is really an "academic bill of restrictions."

CAIR, along with the ACLU and other civil rights organizations, opposes passage of this bill because it could be used to curtail academic freedom and to encourage thought policing in our institutes of higher education.

The bill would have a chilling effect on freedom of inquiry on Ohio's campuses.