Press Release from College Republicans attending Foothill College · 09 February 2005

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For Immediate Release Contact: Denis Hiller
Feb 07, 2004 (650) 669-2772

Foothill College Approves Message Indirectly Comparing Ahmad
Al-Qloushi to Adolph Hitler

Los Altos Hills, CA February 07, 2005 -- Last week, the Foothill College officially endorsed and approved for distribution an article indirectly comparing student Ahmad Al-Qloushi to Adolph Hitler. The article containing false information and inaccuracies is stamped "APPROVED, February 9, 2005, Foothill College Student Activities Office." Foothill College authorized the placement of the flyers in faculty mailboxes in violation of campus rules prohibiting the use of those mailboxes when the material can be posted elsewhere on campus.

The letter endorsed by Foothill College follows an event in which Political Science Professor Joseph Woolcock intimidated Al-Qloushi into seeing a therapist for having written a pro-American essay. After the controversy received significant media exposure, Woolcock allegedly received death threats. The College Republicans attending Foothill College and Al-Qloushi demand that all personal attacks against both Woolcock and Al-Qloushi stop immediately.

"These disgusting and personal attacks against Professor Woolcock and me are cowardly and un-American," said Ahmad Al-Qloushi, Chairman of the College Republicans who attend Foothill College. "I strongly urge Foothill College to condemn these awful attacks."

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About Ahmad Al-Qloushi: Ahmad Al-Qloushi is a 17-year-old Kuwaiti International student studying at Foothill College. Al-Qloushi was born and raised in Al-Shaab, Kuwait where he attended English language school.

About Us: The College Republicans are a broad-based organization for conservative, libertarian, and moderate students at Foothill Community College. CR boasts a membership that is over 70% minority.

Ahmad Al-Qloushi is available for immediate interview.

Press Contact:
Denis Hiller
(650) 669-2772