Ball State University Professor Under Fire For Allegations Of Bias · 25 December 2004

Associated Press, carried by WISH TV, 12/26/04

(Muncie -- December 26, 2004) (AP) -- Increasingly students on college campuses are challenging what they say are biased professors.

A national conservative group recently publicized student allegations against a Ball State University professor for what they say is left-wing bias. Students say they are invoking academic freedom. They claim biased professors are violating their right to a classroom free from indoctrination. In many ways, the trend echoes past campus conflicts but turns them around.

Once, it was liberal campus activists who cited the importance of "diversity" in pressing their agendas for curriculum change. Now, conservatives have adopted much of the same language in calling for a greater openness to their viewpoints. Professors say they worry that the debate really is a way for students to try to dictate what they don't want to be taught.