David Horowitz Responds to the Denver Post · 19 January 2005

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January 18, 2005

Dear Editor:

As the author of the Academic Bill of Rights which helped serve as the
inspiration for Shawn Mitchell's legislation last spring, I welcome Senator
Bob Hagedorn's proposed legislation to further protect the viewpoints of
students and professors in Colorado schools (Chris Frates, "Bill Would Protect College Faculty's Speech", Denver Post 1-15-2005). Representative
Mitchell's bill, however, was highly misrepresented by your reporter as
being designed to "protect the views of conservative college students." Both
Representative Mitchell's bill and the Academic Bill of Rights were designed
to protect the views of both liberals and conservatives, students and
professors alike-regardless of what a particular reporter, individual
student, or legislator may say to the contrary.

In view of this, Senator Hagedorn's bill might be viewed as somewhat
redundant. On the other hand, in these intolerant times, emphasizing the
importance of intellectual diversity and the fair and open exchange of ideas
on the college campus probably cannot be overdone, and as such I welcome the
introduction of Senator Hagedorn's bill so long as both faculty and students
are equally protected.


David Horowitz