Measure Invites More Government Meddling · 02 January 2005

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Measure Invites More Government Meddling

Editorial from the Indiana Palladium-Item--12/23/04

A so-called liberal bias in higher education, long the bane of national conservatives, is not going to be corrected or balanced by legislative fiat. Shame on those conservatives who think otherwise.

Such political pandering at the statehouse will more likely and in the long run open the door to deeper partisan woes at public college campuses across Indiana.

Despite that, the self-proclaimed "Students for Academic Freedom" organization is actively pursuing what it calls an "academic bill of rights" from Indiana legislators.

The group, led by conservative intellectual David Horowitz, is pushing its legislative agenda in Indiana among 20 states where it believes students with conservative views need legal protection from their liberal professors. Horowitz argues that besides protecting those students holding conservative views from recrimination by their liberal professors, there is a need to safeguard a diversity of viewpoints on college campuses.

A diversity of viewpoints is good everywhere, most notably in nurturing the very liberal arts principles of higher education.

It is the job of college administrators and boards of trustees, in addition to faculty, to assure that this marketplace of ideas, this free exchange of thought, is protected and advanced at their schools.

The problem with the legislative route is that it actually invites more political meddling, not less. Ideas are hard won within the academic marketplace, hopefully a free, open, inviting and inclusive marketplace. Regulating thought runs contrary to the very marketplace principle.

This legislative effort needs to fail.

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