AAUP Plans Protest of Academic Bill of Rights at Ohio Statehouse · 02 March 2005

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The following letter was sent to members of the American Association of University Professors in Ohio.

Members of the AAUP,

Our academic freedom is under attack. The national campaign for an "Academic Bill of Rights" has made its way to Ohio in the form of Ohio Senate Bill 24. The bill would, among other things, outlaw "persistent" discussion of controversial topics. The bills authors have cynically distorted much of the rhetoric from our own "Red Book," the founding collection of documents on academic freedom, shared governance, and tenure. The AAUP therefore has a particular duty to respond.

With your help, we can put an end to SB24 and return to the real issue--state funding of higher education. Next Tuesday, March 8, we will carry a group of concerned AAUP members to our statehouse in Colombus for a Senate Education Committee Hearing on SB24. Expect to be gone for the full business day, as we may be meeting with our local representatives or members of the Ohio Conference AAUP before and after the hearings. No special skills are required for the trip, and the AAUP will reimburse for travel and food.

This is an excellent opportunity to introduce yourself to the statehouse on a strong AAUP issue. Please respond by phone at

UC AAUP Board of Directors