As Harvard Goes, So Goes The Academic Nation · 15 March 2005

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By David Horowitz--03/16/05

The Harvard Liberal Arts faculty's vote of no confidence in President Lawrence Summers is the clearest indication of the anti-intellectual mind-set of the nation's Liberal Arts academic elite. Summers' sin was to raise an intellectual point -- that men and women have different aptitudes -- which is scientifically correct. Raising this point was unacceptable to Harvard's feminist professors and their leftwing cohorts. But even if Summers' had raised a point that was incorrect, the attempt to suppress it and therefore to suppress his right -- and with it the right of any faculty member or student -- to raise an intellectual issue and to declare it politically incorrect is totalitarian in its very nature. And the fact is that the Harvard faculty is dominated by professors whose intellectual traditional is that of totalitarianism -- Marx, Heidegger, Foucault, Derrida and whole spectrum of radical feminist ideologues who are behind this witch-hunt.

The problem at Harvard is symptomatic of the problem at all our universities which look to Harvard as the academic trend-setter. Our university faculties are in fact one party states. There is only a left intellectual voice and only a left intellectual tradition for all intents and purposes represented at American Liberal Arts colleges. Are there moderates among these leftists? To be sure there are. Are there academics appalled by the Harvard lynching? To be sure there are. But as we have pointed out in these pages before, when the room is filled with like-minded people the center of the room tends to move towards the extreme. The feminists and leftists at Harvard who are calling for the head of Lawrence Summers are ideological extremists. In a healthy academic environment they would be marginalized. The fact that they are not marginalized at Harvard but are a majority is an indication of just how unhealthy our Liberal Arts college faculties are.